Saturday, March 1, 2008

megan's wishy washy

had a nap in the afternoon while joelle did little megan's laundry.
got to wash all of them before letting our little one wear em. and there's hell a lot of them to be washed... used up all the poles and pegs... and megan got a lot of mittens, booties and socky lor... a little joke mrs wong told us during the antenatal class, she said, dun keep covering baby's fists with mittens, cuz baby is already learning to count... babies with bare fists counts from 1 to 10 fingers... babies with mittens counts from 1 mitten-ed fist to 2 mitten-ed fist, ok, thats all to count... haha...



and, megan's (or rather, joelle's) fav color is...


pink lor...

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