Friday, March 7, 2008

blue and black

this evening, waited for joelle at park view and realised that it is a blue blue sky day... can't help it, and took out my camera to shoot.




we met up with stemcord sales person at bugis starbucks to sign the agreement. first payment is around $900 and from 2nd year onwards, its $250 per year... after that, we went for a walkie towards fullerton. this, is the raffles hotel, and the sky still a little blue...


we bypass the city hall, but can't get a nice shot at the pillars cuz there is a photo shoot going on... very high profile modelling photo shoot who brought along a big spot light, mounted on a lorry, kaoz... so we continued walking to the anderson bridge. guess what? a bridal shoot going on there~~~


looking at the fullerton hotel from the bridge... nice~~~


the illuminated pillars looks really nice too.


then we cross over the road to visit the vomiting merlion... so poor thing, keep vomiting... :P


our singapore flyer... from far~~~


after that, we walked over to lau pa sat for our dinner and took a cabbie home. now, this is the box we got from stemcord after signing the agreement.


inside the box... biohazard wor... anyway, we're supposed to bring along this box to the hospital when joelle is in labour. after megan is delivered, doc adrain will extract the cord blood from megan's placenta and stemcord stuff will collect the box back to their lab for testing and storage...


yawn... so tired... tomolo morning got gynae appointment and in the afternoon, my ippt test... agony agony agony~~~

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