Sunday, March 23, 2008

叉盒三六零 vs 彩虹吸尘机

to my female readers, how do you feel, if your man bought you a vacuum cleaner as your bday gift? haa... nope, i dun wanna know either... oh well, we decided to go for this 'rainbow' vacuum cleaner after a very convincing demo... we were very very satisfied about the capability of this machine, but i was kinda put off by the price tag it carries... a whopping $3K+! joelle, however, had no second thoughts and paid for it (instalment, of course, since its interest free)... she pay... i use... omg, this can't be my bday gift bah?? (三百多的叉盒三六零不买给我,反而买了个三千多的彩虹吸尘机)...


anyway, today i 开张 the shinny new rainbow... it uses water to sort of trap the dust and dirt while exhausting cleaner air... traditional vacuum cleaners suck in dirt from front, exhaust dirt from behind... oh well, first up, fill it with clean water...


after sucking up on the bed, the pillows... the water turned murky... extremely murky... kaoz... to think we slept in this much of rubbish nite after nite... pretty much explained the sinus problem i had every now and then... now, the water do looked abit like the steamboat soup after eating for a few hours hor??


吸到干干净净, 换了新床单, 今晚会好好好好睡哦...


while i was doing area cleaning, joelle was doing her office review thingy thats to be submitted tomolo... somehow i feel its pretty tough cuz joelle kept going "arrrgh", "grrrrr", "fuck lah...", "shit", "ahhhh....". i guess, i better siam...


was doing situps and pushups at the living room while watching tv, suddenly heard joelle screamed from the bedroom "我做完了!"... and then she said she's hungry liao... kaoz, coming to 11 le, where to eat wor... hmmm, lets go go go!


click, pay, delivered...


ghee... feeling so darn full now... :P


  1. hahaha..believe me, if you ae doing tat office thingy that she did, u will have worse comments for it! ya, a derserving Macdonald treat after her hard work! Rainbow??? wow! tat's the Gucci of vacuum cleaners! I heard it is very quiet, strong and last very long! she so love u, buy u Gucci leh :) clever Joelle!

  2. ya right, gucci of vacuum cleaners... its quieter than conventionals... looks bulky and strong too... got 8 years warantee, so should last that long bah... and above all, this is one product that by saying "IT SUCKS" is actually complimenting it lor... keke