Sunday, March 9, 2008

megan's wardrobe

done the laundries, vacuum and mop the floor, clean the toilet, and now, fixing up megan's wardrobe. but first up, get some music on, turned on the air-con, bring in the phones, and most importantly, a little glass of red wine... keke...


here we go, these are the 2 boxes that's so bloody heavy that we had to pay for the delivery... hand carry is impossible...


opening up the boxes and found the manual... ghee... its says it need 2 naked men to complete the job wor... god i'm all alone for this job... not naked thou...


alrighty, the first screw to be screwed...


yeah, i've completed the frame of the wardrobe... it can be fun fixing things...


at this point, i tot i'm halfway there cuz my hands and fingers are already sore from turning and turning the screws...


nevertheless, the wardrobe is up... i'm now left with only the drawers... 4 bigs, 2 smalls... 我的手真的很酸很酸了~~~


tot drawers are easy, and it turned out... to fix 1 drawer, there are 12 screws to turn! 6 drawers = 72 screws... now i'm really screwed!


ta-da! finally, its finished... little megan's white wardrobe!


i'm so so tired, and so so hungry... thank god, joelle came back with home cooked food. i'm left with one last chore, ironing my shirts... i guess, tomolo morning then iron 1 shirt for the day bah... i'm really tired le~~~

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