Sunday, March 2, 2008

in the end

in the end, its not 50 first date we watched. if 50 first date is 百看不厌, then the one we watched is 万看不厌 bah... anyway, its notting hill. what? who said "not again?"

in the end, after watching notting hill, i felt extremely tired and decided to take a nap. joelle decide to do that face mask thingy on me... so i turned on the air-con, played dan gibson's asian spa songs and zzzz with the mask thingy on my face... 好冰凉哦~~~

in the end, joelle decided to jump back to bed after watching the boring repeat tcs 福禄寿, and was feeling extremely uncomfy and turned here and there until i have to wake up... and then we went for our dinner...

in the end, i'm still feeling darn tired... still sleepy... still enchanted by fish leong's song~~~

她整首歌都在唱痛... 听了都觉得痛... ouch...

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