Saturday, March 8, 2008

red and sliver

woke up this morning to see our gynae. got a msn and sms from eveie and jann to wish me luck for my ippt this afternoon... 好压力哦~~~ but, lobbie twin 好有心哦, eveie down with stomach flu, jann on her way to her yoga lesson, but both still wish me luck... i'll GAMBATTE!!!

met up with doc adrain and discussed our birth plan with him. megan's edd is 5th april, so anytime from now till 3rd april, we'll go for natural birth. on the 4th april, we'll opt for c-sect (my bday wor...). but of course, natural birth is still the best, and if we were to choose a date for c-sect, it would be my bday...

we also asked doc adrain to write us a letter for our application for nanny services, and we told him "doc, we need a letter for nanny application. the letter should include, joelle's name, ic, edd, and that joelle is pregnant and eligible for nanny service application, as well as your signature". this is what we got from him, exactly what we asked from him! (god, i love the way he work! haha~~~)


after our gynae appointment, we went to ntuc at lot1 to do some grocery shopping. saw some cherry tomatoes and i can't resist the temptation to take a pack... then saw this bottle... can't help it also... haha, weak ah!!!


went to long john silver for our lunchie... 我有点吃不下 cuz mind still on the ippt later... joelle was like "wow, first time you never finish your fries wor". grrr...


on our way home, the sky was so clear blue... i'm so doom to sweat it out today... stress stress...


once home, i fridged the yellow tail...


stored the newly bought kangaroo ridge...


and fridged the cherry tomatoes... after my ippt, the red wine and the red cherry tomatoes will either be my celebration, or consolation...


took a 2 hours nappie... got to lift my mind off the ippt... sleep sleep sleep...


RRRRRRRRing! there goes the alarm... got to wakey and make my way to maju camp... kaoz, felt so sucky... was rather reluctant but nevertheless, managed to leave home and took a cabby to maju and registered myself at the counter... number 117, the last few wor... here we go, i choose pull up, to be my first station... full marks! but think i strained my back after that, kaoz, first station only, kanna strained back... rest rest a while, and smoothly completed the rest of the stations (all full marks wor... keke) now, the stressful last one... the dreadful 2.4km run... 3 rounds to run, first round 3:23 minutes, second round 7:11 minutes... i was thinking to myself, got chance wor, chiong ah!!! 11:28 min! i passed, and got silver somemore! 2 months of running, paid off liao... so happi! :)


once i reached home, no time to waste, took out the wine, 'cloth' it...


and opened it... eh, no cork wor... screw open can liao wor... chek, no fun...


still keep the cap with the corks, nevertheless...


hmmm, this one seems thicker than kangaroo ridge, can't see thru under bright light.


left it to 'breathe' for 15 minutes and found that it's not as fragrance as kangaroo ridge. it does taste a little sweet and smooth thou not as smooth and sweet as kangaroo ridge. but its fragrance definitely lose out to kangaroo ridge, so kangaroo ridge, you're still my number one!


my spoils for my celebration... i'm so red with alcohol now~~~

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