Tuesday, March 18, 2008


haven't been blogging for a few days... felt like penning something, yet, decided not to... so, just leave it as 'it is', nothing much to say anyway.

went for a run on sat afternoon, as the sun is finally showing its face... ran the usual canal run, only to found out, the army had driven a land rover into the end of the canal and setup a tent to watch over the water separating s'pore and m'sia, in case someone decided to swim over there... ironically, the news reported instead of catching someone swimming over there, 60+ 'swimmers' were caught swimming over to here, illegally... my point is, the bloody land rover had killed all the pretty flowers i took picture of during my first canal walkie... and, its a really hot hot sat...


went for a haircut on sunday, another sunny day. got off the wrong bus stop, and bypass this railway... too bad i'm running late, and not in any mood to photo anything either, so i just snap this and gave the rail a pass...


finished my last bottle of kangaroo ridge on sunday nite, and went back to office to work, on a bzbz blue monday. and another bzbz tuesday... i'm so sick and tired, 体累心更累... feeling so drained, wasted and used... 感觉好象: 大便纸... kaoz...

这几天 in office, feeling so 怪怪的... thou everyone's so busy, everyone's so gossipy... 是大家忙疯了吗? oh well...

saw this sign at gmt this morning... this is so stupid, 保养电梯? what, the lift is getting a face'lift'?


i've said this before, we were surrounded by so many stupid people, hope it don't make us stupid... somehow, got a feeling, i'm the stupid one... maybe 保养电梯 is really the right word? haa, i'm not making any sense now, got to stop my nonsense... :P


惨了~~~ my wine rack is e..m..p..t..y.. 好渴~~~

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