Wednesday, March 12, 2008

sore throat no more!

woah... last nite, i worked late, took a cabbie home and ta bao dinner for me and joelle... after dinner, i was very very down with sore throat and fever. popped 2 panadols and k.o. at 9:30pm... and i was like totally k.o. till this morning lor...

thank god, this morning woke up with all the sickness gone... phew... i've recovered! had a happy smooth day at work, thou need to work a little late till 6:30pm... got a presentation going on, and had to setup a recording session and was 'arrowed' by my c.e.o. to be his personal mouse clicker while he presents lor... god, i'm a high-paid mouse clicker... next time, i can put my profession as c.e.o.'s personal mouse clicker... this is not the first time i kanna lor...

anyway, had a smooth nice walkie to bugis and met up with joelle. dun really know what to eat, so i suggested mcd (knowing joelle will yucks at my choice), so joelle choose this:


not bad, not bad, ordered our fav chawanmushi.


and our fav edamame, 毛豆. last time we still bothered to buy a packet from ntuc, boil it and slowly munch while watching tv... now, i guess we just settle for cherry tomatoes... easier to prepare... haha.


joelle had this tuna sushi... and some boring 6 piece sushi with a tiny bit of egg...


me? i go for chicken cutlet rice in curry sauce. hee... sore throat just recovered and i go for fried spicy stuffs... :P


ooooh... my fav... it melts in the mouth wor...


another fav dish of mine, deep dried chicken... but this one sucks thou... its so dry and hard, we had hard time chewing the chicken... kaoz...


took a cab home once again... after i won a match of 石头剪刀布 with joelle... but i have to pay lah... but i'm really tired to take mrt le... :P

oh ya, i 'smuggled' a pack of durain puffs out from the presentation for joelle... now, she is happily munching on it... 假假came in with last 2 pieces and ask if i want or not... i say i dun want and she smile happily and went back outside to eat and watch tv...



  1. See... Panadol works! Hail GSK!! Ai, at least ShuPi ( I mean, Shuping) bother to ask you lor.. not bad liao... although for show, at least she made an effort lor..

  2. yayaya, right right, gsk... got supply bor? thou shupy asks, but her eyes glittering with hopes that i'll say no lor... keke... hows kyler? getting cuter?