Wednesday, March 26, 2008


10 days...

so freaky anxious now... can't wait to see how our little one looks like. i wonder, if she is also wondering how the 2 voices she keep hearing looks like...

someone said, can't imagine you two going into parenthood... a crazy pair of parents... haha, crazy indeed... imagine the names we given to our little one, of course Megan 瑀萱 is her name, what i meant is nickname(s) which of course, 都是我在乱乱叫的...

- peanut
- 萱萱
- 惠珠 (the or-bian name my dad shortlisted)
- maggie
- 小美
- 小木瓜

think she may get confused... one thing for sure, she don't respond to me when i called her 惠珠... keke...

someone... nah, in fact, everyone says, i'll spoilt this little princess... how can i not be wor? it seems 小木瓜 always responds when she hears my voice... sometimes she quiets down when i tell her mummy is tired, dun kick k?

i just can't wait to see her... :)