Sunday, March 9, 2008


woke up this morning, 觉得有点热热的, switched on the air-con and went back to sleep... fully woken up at noon, feel cold... 喉咙有点怪怪的, koaz, 又 kanna 喉咙痛吗? brushed and washed, drank some water, can't help it, made a cup of coffee and went back to my fav chair, in front of this fav desk, where my fav computer sits, and doing my fav thingy... surf and blog...

browsing thru my itunes and realised i had corrine may's album... played it... smooth... just the right one for a lazy sunday like this... joelle still sleeping like a baby...

browsing thru my camera photos, realised got these 3 photos i got from last nite's dinner... something tells me thats where my sore throat comes from... :P




browsing thru my mind of the things to do today...

  1. vacuum and mop the floor
  2. clean the toilet
  3. do laundry
  4. iron my shirts
  5. fix up megan's wardrobe after joelle went over to her parents' place (i really can't stand the mess in the room, got to fix up the wardrobe)

a word came up... PROCASTINATION... joelle asked me if i know this word last nite... of course i do... and in fact, i got a feeling, the 5 things are not going to be done today... no no no, can't let this happen, 可我真的好懒, 好想烂下去... :P

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