Monday, March 3, 2008


oh well, joelle lor... this evening, while browsing books at kino with eveie, joelle called me from her office "b~~~ 我屁股痛,走不动~~~"

i was like "har? 你屁股痛,走不动? rhythm leh, haha~~~"
eveie was like 假假 reading a book, trying not to laugh... no lah, just kidding...

went back to park view to pick up joelle, and thank god teresa was helping joelle down from her office... then i realised 真的屁股痛,走不动 wor... keke (aiyo, 我还笑得出 wor). we had dinner at kfc and took a cabbie home and now, i'm still darn full and darn tired and wondering if i should go for the darn run or not... but the darn ippt test is on this sat leh... but i still full full leh... grrrr...

anyway, joelle showed me angie's baby full month gift box... very nicely wrapped and done, and i loved eggs~~~


我不能吃,我不可以吃,我得去跑步,我不能吃,我不可以吃... 好痛苦啊~~~

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